Terms of Service

You may only use this service if you agree to the following:
  1. You must be at least 13 years old to use this website at all.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old to use the NSFW section of this website, our RSS feed and our Twitter feed.
  3. You will only upload files if you own their copyright or the copyright owner permits you to do so.
  4. You will only upload files that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.
  5. After uploading a file you allow anyone to view, download and redistribute your it as he/she wishes even for commercial purposes. You practically put the file on the public domain. (Excemptions can be made to the above three rules within the limits of fair use if you want to play a game on bittit. Such uploads will be marked as (Not on the public domain))
  6. It is possible (but quite improbable) because of a technical problem that your files are accidentally distributed in their maximum size or resolutions without being fully paid for.
  7. You use this service at your own risk.
  8. The administrators reserve the right to reject ANY file even without an explanation.
  9. You will only upload nude or pornographic files if they are legal in the USA, you own the copyright and you follow the verification process after giving a valid email during the upload process and following the verification process as described in the Help section.
  10. These terms can change anytime without notice so you will read them every time you upload a file. (Use the date at the bottom of this page to check for changes)
  11. You must feel comfortable with our Privacy Policy.
  12. Files on this site are uploaded by users that have agreed to these terms. That means they gave everyone the right to use the uploaded files. But as you know people lie so we cannot make any guarantees about the copyright status of the uploaded files. They are supposed to be on the public domain according to the uploader about whom we only have some information (see our Privacy Policy).
  13. Changes to uploaded files (including the complete removal of the file) will only be made if you prove that you are the uploader by contacting us via the email you put in the upload form. If payments have been made to the file's address you will not be allowed to raise the price, decrease the starting resolution/size or delete the file.
  14. We reserve the right to change the comment of any uploaded file if we believe it is misleading.

Last change: 30 Jun 2013