Privacy Policy

Visits to this site are monitored using AWStats.
The following data are kept indefinitely along with every uploaded photo:
  1. The email provided during the upload, if any.
  2. The IP address of the uploader.
  3. The uploader's full name and address if he/she has verified via registered mail.
  4. The exact time of the upload.
  5. The album ID, hashed.
  6. The Bitcoin address of the file.
  7. The site that lead you to bittit when you first visited.
These data will not be sold or given to anyone but we will cooperate with the authorities if we are required to do so and this includes sharing our data with them. We've got a life to live... Also we cannot guarantee that someone will not hack our server and get all that data. If you are worried about your privacy you may use Tor to upload files.