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What is this site?

This site was made to help users sell their photos, sketches, drawings or any other kind of file for bitcoins in a fun and unique way. Bittit is how a market for intellectual creations could function if there were no intellectual property laws. In traditional markets you get paid to sell copies of your intellectual creations. These markets require copyright and other intellectual laws to function because, without those laws, anyone can copy your creations for free, without ever paying you. Bittit is a new kind of market that (instead of getting paid for each copy you sell) allows you to get gradually paid as you automatically release increasing in quality versions of your intellectual creations. This kind of market does not rely on copyright enforcement; creators get paid to release their work on the public domain and after that everyone on the planet can freely use their work. It's like the society collectively buys the rights to use your work. Don't forget: You ain't selling copies of your work to certain individuals, you are selling your work to all the people at the same time!

Uploading files

Anyone can upload an original file along with a Bitcoin address that he/she owns and set a price for it. The address must be solely created to receive payments for a specific file and cannot be reused for other files. If you upload a picture it must be bigger than 200 x 200 pixels. The comment field can be used to provide a short description and preferably some way of contact for the public as this will increase the chances someone will pay for the file.

Creating albums

To create an album page you should use the same album ID for the files or pictures that you want to group together. This will put a link under each file that will take visitors to a page listing all files with the same album ID. Just make sure you don't forget your album IDs.

Approval process

As long as the file is legal and original (cannot be found elsewhere on the internet) it will be approved in a few days by the site administrators. In some cases exceptions will be made and files that can be found elsewhere will be accepted. For example if you want to set up a game and hide something in a file just ask us for permission before doing so with an email to or Bitmessage to BM-NBPgxAV6dcE5U3St88gQaTHb9X7d8eDz and we will likely accept it.

After the file has been approved it will appear in the appropriate index (SFW or NSFW). If you upload a picture it will be scaled down so that its smaller dimension will be 100 pixels by default (this can be changed in the upload page) while maintaining the aspect ratio of the picture. Other kinds of files will be partially served starting by serving the first 100 bytes by default. Visitors can then pay any amount of bitcoins to increase the resolution and quality of the picture or the served size of the file. It will take about 10 minutes for bittit to see the transaction (but it could take up to 30). The picture will reach its maximum resolution and files will be fully served when the total amount of bitcoins sent to its address equals the price of the file that the uploader has set.


The site is 100% free to use, at least for now, and payments are made directly to an address you own. If you want to get verified you will have to pay the postal expenses required plus a small fee (read below).
Keep in mind that this is not a sales management service. We do not act as an intermediary as the payment goes directly to your receiving address. We merely host and resize images automatically based on data from the Bitcoin network.

Not Safe For Work files

In case of nude or pornographic files (drawings are excluded from this rule) this service will be provided to you only if you provide a valid email address. After uploading NSFW files please email a verification photo to . The photo should contain the model of your uploaded pictures, holding a paper that contains the following: NSFW verify
the current date
your email address

The photo should be of high resolution (at least as high as your uploaded pictures) and the model should be as recognizable as in the photos that you uploaded. Eg: if you upload photos in which the face of the model is visible, it should also be visible in the verification photo. Use common logic, this is done to protect people from having their pictures uploaded without their permission. The verification photo should be emailed within 4 days of the upload date.

Once you pass the verification once, you'll be given an auto-approval code that you can use in the future when uploading photos of that model in order to get them quicly approved into the NSFW sections.

Getting fully verified

If you want to increase your trustworthiness you can request full verification by sending an email to or Bitmessage to BM-NBPgxAV6dcE5U3St88gQaTHb9X7d8eDz. Verification costs 5€ payable in bitcoins in advance. You will have to provide your name and address so that we can send you a verification code. You can use that code later to get your files automatically approved and highlighted as verified. Verification lets visitors know that you have given your personal information therefore you accept responsibility that the files you upload are original and that they will not get sued for copyright infringement if they use them.

Editing uploaded files

If you need to edit already uploaded files contact us at via the email you used when you uploaded your photo. If payments have been made to the pictures address you may not request a raise in the price, a decrease in the starting resolution/size or removal of the file.


This site can be accessed via Tor at ejz7kqoryhqwosbk.onion.


If you want you may donate some bitcoins here: 1FgDygQYcdeNmAeP5LKZAxxhFs5ZdyAxH1
Donators will get their names listed here if they want. To claim your place here just send an email to or Bitmessage to BM-NBPgxAV6dcE5U3St88gQaTHb9X7d8eDz before (or a little after) donating.

More help

Don't hesitate to contact us for any mater related to bittit at or BM-NBPgxAV6dcE5U3St88gQaTHb9X7d8eDz. You may also want to visit our subreddit for suggestions or bug reports.

Many thanks to for the free service it provides.